Why hello! A little intro

A two girl band - one part photographer and one part designer. Together, we rock the socks off any brief we get our hands on. We are Jess and Crystal from The Who Personal Branding. We are both in Melbourne and both need coffee first thing!

So why “The Who”. Personal branding has always been a thing we just may not have been aware of it. We know that if you get your personal branding right and in line with your business then everything else will fall into place. Your personal brand is made up of you, how you interact with others, online and in person, how you present yourself also online and in person. What we do is make sure that you are presenting yourself consistently, doing yourself justice by not using crappy photos or inconsistent ugly branding. We want you to be word-class so that you can grow any business. Our business name is a bit clever it asks “Who are you?’ and although we do business branding and a range of different photography we believe at the heart of this all is your personal brand. This is your superpower and the one presence you will always have regardless of which business or job you have.

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Crystal Oliver
Brand Style Guidelines - & Why it's The Single Best Investment For Your Business!

The very first thing you need when starting a business (or are looking to create a cohesive, credible brand) is branding style guidelines. You’ve all heard about them - so what’s the hype all about? We’re here to give you the low down in a way that is clear and easy to understand - exactly how your brand should be.

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