Brand Style Guidelines - & Why it's The Single Best Investment For Your Business!


The very first thing you need when starting a business (or are looking to take the next step in creating a cohesive, credible brand) is branding style guidelines. You’ve all heard about them - so what’s the hype all about? We’re here to give you the low down in a way that is clear and easy to understand - exactly how your brand should be.

Branding needs to be thought as like a living breathing person - how would you want that person to o connect with like-minded others. It has a tone of voice, and that tone is your best asset to connecting with people, your people, on an emotional level, conveying your value, the quality of that value and what specifically you have to offer. We need to create a personality seperate to your own. This may seem obvious, but it’s about who you are as a business that having a strong brand identity will give you consistency going forward.

Is it the be all and end all that you’ve been years in and don’t have one? No of course not… Is it time for a refresh and to put some guidelines in place - yes. Its never too late.

Your audience knows what to expect, trust and loyalty

Having consistency in your branding further confirms your credibility

Easy to identify

Improves the efficiency of your business because designing will be much quicker

Creates user loyalty,  and delivers your message clearly. Your brand is like a promise to your audience, it needs to live up to what you’re offering.