We want to make this super-simple for you. We want to provide you with authentic images for you to consistently connect with your clients.


You want to grow your personal brand in a way which is real but aligns with your business. We believe the best way of doing this is by saying goodbye to stock imagery and regularly using images of you, doing your thing, showing why you do what you do and all the things in between. People want to know what your story and we know that when a strong connection is made people are much more likely to trust you and buy what you are offering.




- 3 hour shooting time

- at least 60 images

- 30 minute pre shoot phone or skype consultation

- Freedom to use the images as you wish

- Story board.


Lets think outside the box to create creative, beautiful images that not only represent what you do, but also WHO you are.


You are a solopreneur or small business owner, a creative and someone with big dreams. This package is ideal for you if you are ready to elevate your personal brand or you are just starting out and you are ready to be seen. You want to create consistency in your look and are ready to connect with your ideal clients in a way that will get them to know, like and then trust you.
You will go away from this session with a complete portfolio of images for you to use across your social media, website and other platforms, with images that include you doing what you do (your actual business), you being who you are (for those real authentic conversation starters), the finer details, as well as some creative headshots.


$1395 per month on a 12 month contract

- 1 day of shooting every 3 months

- Pre shoot consolation before each shoot

- Story board

- At least 90 images from m each session

- 1 event per year, you conduct workshops or speak publicly.


This is for you if your face is your brand, you are succeeding in your zone of genius and you are the premium in your arena. You offer a specialised service which requires constant connection over all social media platforms, and you know you require consistent imagery to do this. We delve deep into what makes you tick as a person as well as who you are and why you do what you do, so we can create content around this and provide you with images that, when combined with powerful captions, connect you authentically with your ideal client.


Starting in 2019 we will be holding headshot days. Starting in Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast in March and running every 4-6 weeks.


- 20 minute session

- $200

- 10 images, option to upgrade.


This is ideal for you if you need a few images to update your website or linked in profiles and the thought of stuffy traditional headshots with studio lighting and backdrops make you cringe. You may also need ongoing images, but you’re not quite ready to take the plunge into a branding session. No probs, We get that! We’ll make you feel comfy, tell you what to do with your hands and get your energy to shine!

Corporate Headshots


You have a creative team with whom you are looking to refresh your images in a way that truly represents you.


You need to look professional but stuffy headshots, studio lighting and awkward props just don’t fit with your company’s ethos. Instead you’re fun, modern and do things outside the box and you want images that represent that.


- Packages start from $750 for 2 hours.

- Packages are provided on a case by case basis but will include 5 images of each staff member with full commercial rights.


Holding a retreat, workshop or speaking event and want to capture yourself and attendees in action?


We will be a fly on the wall to capture the happenings. $360/hour 30 images per hour.


Maybe you want to kickstart add value to your retreat or workshop and offer your attendees a kickstart to their personal branding? Get in touch and we can chat about what we can do for you.


You know video is king on social media right now and you want to capitalise on that with a video that creates brand awareness and can be used as the first touch point in your marketing funnel. We can create your branding session in video form, moving pictures in 30 second and 1 minute videos to really help attract that ideal client.



- $950

- 2 hour shoot


- 1 x 30 second video and 1 x 1 minute video

- 30 minute pre shoot phone or skype consultation

- Story board

- Music licensing


Added to Branding Session

- $700


- 1 x 30 second video and 1 x 1 minute video

- 30 minute pre shoot phone or skype consultation

- Story board

- Music licensing

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