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Jessica Roberts

Jess is a marketing guru, a professional photographer, videographer and a lover of story telling. She is strategic, dynamic & understands people.


She has always believed that you can be whoever you want to be, you just need to show people you are that person in your unique and authentic way.


Jess is excellent at putting people at ease throughout the whole process, particularly when she is taking your photo, she understand what is to be uncomfortable in front of the camera!

Milina is also marketing expert, a story teller a professional photographer & short film maker.


She is not big on small talk but loves to get down into the nitty gritty of what makes you tick. Her expertise is establishing your themes and passions and creating visuals which tells stories.


Most people Milina works with hate having their photos taken, it is said often that her relaxed and personable way makes the experience almost enjoyable!


She has learnt that each day is like a page in a book. It’s only part of the whole story, and that page is over so quickly, before we move onto the next. It is up to us how we tell the story.

Crystal Oliver

Crystal is a graphic design and branding genius. She takes your values and vision as a company or personally and creates or refines your brand in a beautiful and consistent way.


We have found the need for a graphic designer at The WHO for those that want to refine their branding while traveling the personal branding journey.


Up until this point most of our clients have done everything by themselves and now they want to refine so they can move to the next phase of their business.

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